Acting Career

I have seen photographs of Lola in her costumes for stage performances. She had been involved in acting while in Europe and when she arrived in the United States, she continued. As a child, I have a memory of going to the White Eagle Club. I remember some of the backstage hubbub. But, most of my memory is from the few photos. We had a family friend, Edward Kosztovni (not sure of the spelling). He was in some of these photos so he was also an actor. He lived with us for a while. Many of the immigrants needed to stick together to survive this new country. I, myself, am an immigrant, although I arrived in the US at age three months.

If I have memories of the backstage, then I must have been just barely old enough so that things made sense and could be remembered. I would guess, then, that this all happened in the early to mid 1950’s.

– Kaz Danek (aka Casey)

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