Galleries And Exhibits

On a trip to Baltimore, MD, her sons, Art and Kaz, arrived at the inner harbor area. Art suggested a visit to the American Visionary Museum. He’d heard of it recently and thought they could introduce themselves to the curator and possibly discuss Lola’s artwork.

When they arrived at the museum, there was an exhibit running. They were surprised to learn that one of Lola’s paintings was already on display at the museum as part of this exhibit. The curator, in fact, already knew a lot about Lola. So it is with artists. They eventually get discovered.

Lola has been part of the Folk Art scene for many years. Some of the events, auction-gallery websites, and art books with which she was associated are from that genre. She had been invited to bring her work to Washingon, DC as part of a festival there. People would walk through the National Mall and see how she worked with oil paintings and her jewel application process. There were many artists at this event. This same kind of festival also occurred in Holyoke, MA.

Again, as part of the Folk Art scene that was becoming popular in the 80’s and 90’s, her paintings were displayed at the deCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA 1988 in their show, Stories To Tell: The Narrative Impulse In New England Contemporary Folk Art.

Over the years, she had met many gallery owners who now have her works in their collections Often, while at gallery events, she would invited interested patrons to come to her home for private showings. Many traveled great distances to do so. She was very proud of what she had accomplished and loved talking about her work and her life.


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