Jeweled and Non-jeweled Oil Paintings – although she wasn’t an overly devout person, she did have a fascination with religious icons and concepts.

Kings, Queens, Notables

Jeweled Oil Paintings – She grew up in Europe, spoke many languages, and knew its history and notables.


Jeweled and Non-jeweled Oil Paintings – we don’t know what inspired these images. Lola had a lot of books about history and famous people. Many times, she got her ideas from reading or, perhaps, personal memories.


Jeweled and No-jeweled Oil Paintings – sometimes, Lola’s imagination drifted to images ┬áthat may have been memories of one kind or another of her life before WWII, or from more modern inspirations.

Madonna And Child

Jeweled Oil Paintings – Lola had a fascination with paintings of Mary and her baby, Jesus.

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